Georgia Native Cattle Company

About Us

We have the privilege of living on the farm. Every day, Gulf Coast Native Sheep and Pineywoods Cattle heifers graze within view of the house. Faye And Jay Wells raised sons Bryan and AJ to love the farm and understand and appreciate the hard work and rewards of farm life.

Bryan and AJ are eighth generations Marion County, Georgia, residents who have roots into 18th Century Georgia through both Faye and Jay.

Fortunately, Bryan and his wife Rebecca also live on the farm just down the road from Faye and Jay. Rebecca has a unique connection to Georgia history and early cattle farming in the state. Her seventh great grandfather, Thomas Mouse, arrived in Savannah, Georgia on January 14, 1734. Georgia's founder, General James Edward Oglethorpe, who himself arrived with the first settlers on February 12, 1733, assigned Mouse and his family to settle Skidaway Island. On January23, 1735 Mouse wrote Oglethorpe a letter in which he discussed the difficulty of raising cattle and other difficulties of life on Colonial Skidaway Island. (See the letter below).

While we cannot prove our cattle descend from the Skidaway Cattle, see Pineywoods Cattle history, Rebecca can prove her descent from Mouse. Thomas Mouse's daughter, Lucy, Rebecca's sixth great grandmother married Peter Tondee, Rebecca's sixth great grandfather. Peter Tondee arrived in Savannah May 16, 1733, only three months after Oglethorpe's first boat of settlers arrived. Peter and Lucy operated the famous Tondee's Tavern where much of Georgia's Revolutionary War activity centered.